MYTE is the new Tonon Evolution brand, designed to evolve, in a contemporary key, the long history, know-how and made in Italy production of the historic Venetian brand.
After a brave, accurate and exciting work, the time has come to begin to tell our personal vision of warmth, an ancient powerful and reassuring element, projected to the new languages, challenges and scenarios of contemporary living.
This moment, that we called “prelude”, has the specific purpose of anticipating a collection of products that are not only simple and performing, but also able to outline new living spaces, discreet but identifying, to be personalized and used freely according to your needs.

MYTE is a functional habitat for us, and heat is its primary element.


Inspired by low-height radiators, String combines the performance of this type of heaters with an expanded concept of livability and functionality. The 880 mm basic heating module can in fact be expanded according to the needs of the rooms and customized with the use of functional shelves made of Carrara marble.

dim. 2800 x 430 x 270 mm
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Simple shapes and concepts for this panel radiator that is able to express an innovative and strong language thanks to the use of functional elements that reflect its contemporary character. The heat is optimized by a frame capable of concealing the secondary functions in a discreet but decisive way.

dim. 800 x 1800 x 130 mm
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According to an ancient African legend, the Baobab was one of the first trees to appear on Earth, becoming a symbolic, magical and protective element of the Savannah. Baobab is an archetypal radiator, with pure lines, which combines the marked verticality with two functional shelves, making the force of heat evolve into a living space.

dim. 500 x 1900 x 200 mm
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Unit is an encounter between ancient and contemporary languages: a classic concept evolves into a functional shape thanks to the wise use of production technologies; the familiar but archaic sloping position changes the formal perception, while the complementary functions go beyond the typological limits of the towel warmer in a coordinated and discreet way.

dim. 500 x 1900 x 220 mm
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The artistic direction of MYTE has been entrusted to Alessandro Masturzo, multifaceted designer who over the years has designed many types of products for well-known Italian design brands, as well as dealing with Art direction and university teaching.

“Alessandro has brought design method, attention to detail, theoretical and technical knowledge to our work team. The result is a series of contemporary, innovative products that perfectly identify the spirit of the new brand”.
(Arianna Giuseppin, Head of Marketing at Tonon)

“The philosophy of this project is to create products that are real personal and emotional habitats, where heat is the primary element”.
(Alessandro Masturzo, Head of Alessandro Masturzo design studio)
MYTE is a brend of Tonon Evolution Srl

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